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Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run Preview for Xbox
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Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run 

Preview for Xbox

- William Usher, " Cyguration ", Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Review Preview

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run
Terminal Reality
Q3 2006
RP (Rating Pending)

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run Screenshot Gallery

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run Screenshot Gallery

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run Screenshot Gallery

The third installment of the revitalized Spyhunter series now has a face behind the Interceptor’s wheel. That face happens to be action-movie star, and former wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The story for this game actually starts as a prequel to the former two Spyhunter games. The infamous Interceptor has just been finished, and during the shipment process it’s stolen by the evil NOSTRA organization. Alex Decker (The Rock) is left for dead during the raid and the lead scientist is captured along with the Interceptor.

As Alex Decker, players will be looking to get revenge against NOSTRA; recover the Interceptor; and bust a few heads with suplexes, backbreakers, and powerslams. Among the wrestling moves, melee combat and driving sequences, you’ll also have a selection of military weapons at your disposal as well.

One thing to note is that the game’s story, though similar to the upcoming 2007 movie of the same name, is not directly tied together. Some scenarios and game elements, along with “The Rock”, will be present within the movie, but players will partake in a separate experience. So gamers won’t have to worry about this being a game based on a movie...however the movie will be based on the game.


Like its predecessors, Nowhere to Run gives players plenty of road action with explosions and tire-squealing moments. The Interceptor can use tire spikes to disable opponent’s wheels, and non-linear machine guns that pack a real punch. A newcomer to the list of high-tech weaponry is the salvo cannon: A multi-targeting missile system that slows down time, which allows players to select as many targets as possible before the missiles fire. Players will also be rewarded with some fancy slow-motion effects detailing the explosive success of your missile targeting.

In the other vehicular modes that the Interceptor can take on, the weapons will change accordingly. When it takes to the waters as a hover-like craft, for instance, instead of the salvo cannons you’ll have torpedoes at your disposal, and water mines to trip up pursuing foes. The final form of the Interceptor is the motorcycle. In this form, you’ll be able to weave past and through areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the car and watercraft. However, the motorcycle is far less powerful than its other two versions and only has machine guns for weapons. Still, you can slide on the ground to pass under low obstructions, or pull-off some other fancy moves to evasively dodge obstacles and enemy fire.

One of the things Terminal Reality and Midway focused on this time around, is the believability of the Interceptor’s transforming abilities. The car in this game will change to and from each of its forms automatically, without losing any of its parts, but reorganizing its entire structure. So this time around the Interceptor has more of a James Bond feel to it, allowing players to experience the car in a slightly more realistic fashion.


One of the other aspects of the driving, one that’s been over-hauled in detail, is the scenery or surrounding environment. Since players can get out of the vehicle, the environments have been given a more interactive feel for the on-foot 3rd-person segments. So whether you’re taking down bad guys at high speeds or piledriving their heads into the ground as Alex, the surrounding environments will be equally as detailed and very interactive.

For instance, when you’re on-foot you have a beefy selection of deadly moves and weapons at your disposal. Some attacks can be used to inflict damage on the environment that can cause two or three times more damage to the enemies. Such as shooting out a support beam that allows explosive barrels to roll down and explode upon any kind of impact with a surface...blowing your foes to smithereens. Or there’s the ability to shoot objects into or on top of your enemies; such as shooting a crane’s arm that has a box attached to it, and letting it fall onto your foes. The weapon selection is also varied with standard military equipment that ranges from assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sub-machine guns and heavy artillery.

As for the melee ranges from punches and fist strikes, to press slams and rib breakers. Realistically, fighting games have been using wrestling moves as standard grab moves since the original Final Fight. So it’s no surprise that the depth of the fighting and melee attacks in Spyhunter branches into a fair-sized selection of wrestling moves. You can also toss opponents into one another after they get stunned, or you can finish them off with a number of “finishing” maneuvers. There’s also a number of disarming moves and techniques; it’s not all bullets and explosions. Sort of like James Bond: From Russia with Love except with “The Rock”.


On a final note...the game, so far, looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. The graphics are very clean with a lot of refractive detail on the Interceptor and reflective images that gleam over its silky curves. “The Rock” is modeled pretty well in the game as well, and provided Terminal Reality with his time for the motion-capturing and voice-over work for Alex. If the developers can fine-tune a couple of more features here and there, they just might have a real winner in the works.

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run is expected to be released sometime later on this year for the PS2, and Xbox gaming consoles. For more information, be sure to stay tuned in with

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