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The Da Vinci Code Preview for Xbox
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The Da Vinci Code 

Preview for Xbox

- William Usher, " Cyguration ", Senior Staff Writer
Friday, April 07, 2006 

The Da Vinci Code

2k Games
The Collective
May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Screenshot Gallery

The Da Vinci Code Screenshot Gallery

The Da Vinci Code Screenshot Gallery

The Da Vinci Code is a best-selling book, a soon-to-be blockbuster movie, and it’s also about to make its ubiquitous debut in the gaming industry for the PS2 and Xbox. The original book followed the exploits of secret societies, religious mysteries and other events many may deem to be true or false, historically. Despite the accuracy the book represents: religiously, historically, or scientifically, the game will follow Dr. Robert Langdon and the quick-thinking Sophie Neveu, as they uncover the Da Vinci Code.

The game, as it stands, will include all sorts of exotic locations and beautiful backdrops. As players will travel to Europe; venturing through Paris, to Westminster Abbey, St. Sulpice, and other related sites in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. So far, both 2K Games and The Collective have kept a tight lid on things concerning any of the game’s details. However, we do know that the game will consist of a variety of gaming options. Some of these options include driving or chase sequences, adventure and stealth elements, and a healthy dose of shooting segments.

Game adaptation

Apparently the game is being adopted more-so to the likes of Ron Howard’s film adaptation of Dan Brown’s book. With events and story segments of the game filling in some aspects of The Da Vinci Code that was not thoroughly discussed in the book. What we do know, is that the graphics are looking very sharp, especially on the Xbox version, with high-counts of polygons having gone into much of the environment and surrounding play areas.

The lighting system, with its dynamic properties, also gives the game a rare look that distinctly sets it apart from other titles on the market. The texture filtering and mapping techniques also allow for near-realistic objects and visual effects; such effects that seriously give the environments a visual aspect that’s nearly jaw-dropping. Although the character models are adequate in appearance, the visual presentation and detailed, atmospheric themes really stand out. Almost in the same way Gabriel Knight 3 did almost a decade ago with its tastefully designed story and unique use of 3D character expressions. Obviously, the developers are aiming to make the game as detailed and original as the book itself.

Fighting for secrecy

While attempting to uncover the ancient secrets of Da Vinci’s genius, artwork, and science, players will partake in a series of events that keeps the game challenging, and intense. The game’s action sequences, while little has been disclosed, involves concepts that induce players into combat, shooting, and driving that inherently explores the need to be frantic and “adrenaline-pumping”.

Not all the action though, depicts itself through the acts of running, jumping, and taking sharp street-corners at high-speeds. It’s stated that some of the more intense moments of the game involve some interesting puzzle concepts and mystery solving that expands and explores the world of The Da Vinci Code. A level of intellectual, historical and physical puzzle elements will play into the role of the game that will challenge players in a variety of ways. However, unlike some of the math properties discussed in the book, I’m sure you won’t have to be a mathematician to figure out some of the puzzles or ideas, but they will require a quick-mind and a sharp eye.

A mean breed of danger

One of the things that made Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code interesting and mind-catching, was the secret society making sure their secrets stayed in their society. According to the publishers, during the game the task of eluding this dangerous and treacherous society is nothing short of heart-pounding. Supposedly the game will feature the sort heart-stopping escapades similar to Matthew Carter’s exploits in Mindware’s Cold War.

Again, 2K Games has yet to disclose exactly how some of the chase sequences take place, or what sort of options players will have to out-maneuver their relentless foes. Staying “one step ahead” of your foes will also be a trend that players will encounter, although that specific aspect of the game wasn't elaborated on just yet. However, it appears players might have the rote option to out-smart the enemy in real-time events.

With the stealth section being one of the more intriguing aspects of the game, it will be interesting to see exactly how those parts of the game play out; especially with the competition in the stealth department getting more and more fierce, and far more intense in this day and age. Details on whether this game will take the route of being action-oriented similar to Metal Gear or some James Bond games, or whether the stealth will be more danger-oriented like Splinter Cell, Commandos or Cold War has yet to be determined. But with 2K Games having recently published the amazing 24: The Game, featuring similar gameplay aspects, it’ll be interesting to see how The Collective brings almost the same kind of gaming functions to a different kind of licensed property. Whether The Da Vinci Code successfully continues the trend of featuring multiple-gaming functions is something we’ll have to wait and see as more info is released.

Still, if you liked the book but prefer an experience that takes things a step further by allowing you to play through an interactive experience of the book; or if you plan to see the movie but need a game with the same qualities, then The Da Vinci Code just might be that game. You can look for it to hit shelves for the Xbox and PS2 come May 19, 2006.

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